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This is then Impact of Planting 20 Millions Trees In Actually

Many animals require trees as a place to live, to feed, and to provide protection, so planting just one tree is like building a house, feeder, and nursery all at once!
Donating twenty dollars to plant twenty trees is like building an entire animal city!
Multiply that by a million and we’re talking about a super metropolis of biodiverse animal life.
Study after study shows that spending time in a grove of trees or forest can provide emotional rejuvenation.
It can improve your mood, creating a sense of peace while reducing stress, depression and anger.
The Japanese even have a word for this: Shirin-yoku, or ‘forest bathing’.
The effect of trees is not only emotional, but physical; studies have shown that being among trees reduces blood pressure as well as lessens stress-related hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline.
So basically, trees make you happy.
Plenty of scientific research has shown that happier people commit less crimes, especially violent ones.
We think a grove of even just a few trees would be pretty nice.
Twenty million new trees would mean potentially thousands of new groves, which means millions
of people able to take regular forest baths, increasing happiness and reducing crime.
You’d be a regular crime fighter.

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